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My first encounter with yoga took place in 2010, when I moved to live in Prague from Kyiv (I am originally from Moldavia, and in Kyiv, I was studying at the university for an interpreter). From my first class, I felt that yoga is my thing, and was completely delighted by it. Despite the fact that it was a lesson of so-called power yoga in the fitness center, focusing only on the physical aspect of practice, despite the fact that at that time I had a very vague idea of the philosophy and essence of yoga, I felt that yoga could offer much more than just physical exercise. That first lesson was the beginning of a long and gradual personal transformation. Similarly, my personal practice has changed: gradually I began to be interested in philosophy and yoga theory, and in 2015 I irrevocably fell in love with Ashtanga Vinyasa and have since practiced this style 6 times a week. Since I started practicing ashtanga, the path of my transformation has become even more intense. 6 times a week, without excuses, I meet face to face with myself on the mat and plunge into a practice full of challenges. For me, this is a ritual of showing respect and self-love, which allows me to treat others with exactly the same love and respect, practice yoga outside the mat. That's why I stay with yoga and pass it on to others - it's a wonderful way of self-discovery, self-improvement and acceptance of oneself and others as they are.

In 2015, I realized my dream: I opened my own yoga studio in Prague on Vinohrady. In March 2017, I spent a month in India, in the city of Mysore - in the native land of ashtanga vinyasa yoga, where I studied a special teacher's course. In January, 2018 I visited Mysore again where I was practicing with my dear teacher Chidananda, and also passed a therapist training course in Ayurvedic yoga massage. I have been offering this beautiful therapy in my studio since then. In 2019 I went to India again and this time I studied Ashtanga Yoga in Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Institute under the guidance of Sharath Jois. I consider myself to be a happy person, because I am doing what I love and what makes my life worth living. And surprisingly it all started with the simple physical exercises.
Who knows how it will be for you? Come try it!
My name is Kyun and I started with yoga 5 years ago. Actually, I can say, that I started with yoga only 3 years ago, when I started to practice consciously, before it was just physical exercise (nothing bad though).
Last year I visited Mysore- the place where Ashtanga yoga was founded. I spent there one month practicing and learning every day from 6 am to 9 pm. And now I'm happy to share my knowledge with others.
Of course, I need to learn a lot and there is still a lot of space to improve myself, but from all my heart I'm ready to be a good support and mentor in your yoga journey,
Shanti Om and see you on the mat,

You can meet Kiun every Wednesday 6 pm at Half Primary Series Led Class


Alex has been practicing in the tradition of ashtanga yoga since 2012. He has studied in India, in the city of Mysore, the home place of ashtanga yoga. He is a dedicated practitioner and mindful teacher, who aims at passing the pure knowledge to his students, the way he has received it from his own teachers
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