Ashtanga for Beginners. Yoga for advanced practitioners only? Stereotypes about the Ashtanga yoga

One of the most common stereotypes about ashtanga yoga is that it is only for young flexible beauties. When you search for "ashtanga" on the Internet the first things you see are the videos with divinely beautiful practitioners, so people who are not well aware of what ashtanga is get the impression that they need to go through many circles of hell and professional sports not to be embarrassed to come to the ashtanga class

Little can be more far from reality.
Ashtanga - is a super beginner friendly style of yoga

Ashtanga is not the yoga for the advanced practitioners only. Ashtanga is definitely the yoga for disciplined, Independent, and attentive ones

It is PERFECT for beginners.

6 reasons why beginners should not be scared of ashtanga yoga:
1. Ashtanga is a self practice.
Traditionally, ashtanga yoga is practiced in the Mysore style. This means that each student does his practice according to his knowledge and capabilities. It works like this. When you come to the Mysore class for the first time, they explain to you how to breathe correctly and show the sun salutations. At the next class, you do what you have learned at the previous one, and then the teacher adds you several standing positions. At the next class, they add you some more postures again, etc. You are gradually moving forward in your practice - each person at his own pace according to his mental and physical abilities.

When they come to the group classes of other yoga styles, beginners often feel that they do not have the necessary base, fundamentals. Ashtanga is not the case. We build a strong foundation and only then add up beautiful and strong practice. If you don't have the opportunity to attend Mysore classes in the studio, I regularly teach 3-week online courses that works in the same way. We gradually learn Half Primary Series in all the nuances together with the help of instructional videos and online meetings
2. You practice at your own pace according to how you feel
You do not need to adapt to the overall pace of the group and do what the teacher shows to everyone at the same time. On some days, you will only have enough energy to do the sun salutations and shavasana, and on the other days you will do the whole series. Ashtanga yoga is primarily about regularity. And in order to maintain the practice of a lifetime, one must learn to listen to oneself

ashtanga yoga for beginners
Ashtanga yoga is PERFECT for beginners
3. The teacher corrects you.

During a regular yoga class, the teacher must constantly demonstrate asanas, and he does not physically have time to correct individual students. Mysore class is different. This is an individual lesson in group space. You can always directly contact the teacher, and he can fix your particular technique. You avoid mistakes, injuries and make practice as effective as possible.

4. You can adapt asanas to the characteristics of your body and condition.
The teacher will show you how. Remember, ashtanga is a practice for life? With a changing body, conditions, circumstances we can maintain the practice thanks to this principle

5. You are progressing in practice gradually.
You learn the first series step by step, then in the same way, gradually move on to the second. Your body adapts to the practice. You are able to do what seemed impossible before, it becomes easier to practice. Just at this moment new challenges are added to you. There are a total of 6 series in Ashtanga yoga. This is enough for at least one lifetime
6. Ashtanga has an incredibly strong community spirit.

And this is most supportive on the way to making the practice a regular life-long ritual and making new friends
It is not so simple and fairy-tale like though. Ashtanga requires discipline from you. It will not suit you if you
  • are not going to practice regularly
  • do not love freedom and independence
  • are not ready to take responsibility for yourself
  • take yoga as just a workout and don't care about awareness and concentration
Ashtanga is not about the physical level. Ashtanga is about the attitude

If you are up for freedom, growth and discipline, welcome to my Mysore classes that I teach in my Prague shala or join our regular beginners courses

Namaste and enjoy your practice

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