Physical Practice And Spirituality
Recently I have been asked how the practice of ashtanga vinyasa yoga can lead to spiritual development.
Like really, what does chaturanga have to do with enlightenment?
I will mention 2 things in relation to this:

1. The practice of any form of hatha yoga may lead to spiritual development, but not necessarily so

2. If yes, how come we can feel the divine spark in ourselves, "just" by wrapping ourselves into marichyasana D? Many people think that spiritual development is necessarily something out of the ordinary. Like you have to go to India. Search for Mount Kailash. Drink shaman cocktails for a thousand euro. And meanwhile the spiritual life is right here and inside of us all, here and now. And this is how Ashtanga works: you regularly spend some time just with yourself on the mat. You get to know yourself in all kind of mental states. You have nowhere to run. There is just you on the mat, and you can be either a friend to yourself or an enemy. Doing asanas, you focus on more subtle aspects. Being aware of your emotions, reactions and their causal relationships. You adjust your lifestyle. Because you can not twist every day into marichyasana D, if you had a burger and a beer for dinner. Because its either a burger or maricihyasana. Spiritual development does start with things like these. And your body and your thoughts gradually become ... different
Spiritual life is right here and inside of us all, here and now
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