Online Ashtanga Yoga Course for Beginners 18.05 - 06.06

Online Ashtanga Yoga Course for Beginners 18.05 - 06.06
There is no excuse not to practice yoga. Even if you cannot visit yoga studios.
All you need is a mat and some online guidance

About the structure of the course

✅Every day you will receive video and audio materials to the special support group in Telegram messenger. Each video will be connected with the previous one. We will study the first half of the Primary Series in the traditional way adding new asanas step by step
✅I am going to put the emphasis on avoiding the most frequent mistakes and showing variations for different levels in my videos. I will pay a lot of attention to the explanation of the correct breath. You will get to know how to do your practice so that it works best
✅You will have the access to the video classes even after the course
✅2x a week we are going to meet online for a live class on the Zoom platform. It allows me to see all the participants. So I will have the opportunity to correct your practice
✅I will motivate you to step on your mat 6 days a week in a special support chat
✅You will be able to ask your questions there during the whole course

The course will last for 3 weeks and will include 15 video classes, 6 live online classes, 2 audio mediations and my support during the whole process

This course is for those who want

✅ To make their yoga practice a daily ritual
✅ To learn the sequence of asanas you will be able to practice independently anywhere and whenever you want
✅ To join supportive community of like-minded people

18.05 - 06.06

Price: 1500 CZK (55 EUR)

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